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August 18, 2017 | BY VueReal

VueReal Produces the Highest PPI Emissive Microdisplay Based on its micro-LED Technologies

VueReal is pleased to announce that its Continuous Pixelation™ technology has led to development of a 4K micro-LED array at 6000 ppi which is the record highest pixel-per-inch emissive display.

The Continuous Pixelation™ technology offers unique features that enable true super-high-ppi displays (> 4000 ppi) at very high yield and affordable price. To achieve a high yield, the Continuous Pixelation™ is using a very simple micro-LED structure with minimal processing steps which is essential for development of such high-ppi displays.

"At VueReal, we have always been interested in simple approaches to develop affordable display products. This is more crucial as we are dealing with millions of micrometer-size LEDs in a few-millimeter display. Any complexity in developing LEDs and transferring LEDs can result in catastrophic yield loss," said Dr. Fathi, VP of Technology at VueReal. He continued, "This technology enables us to develop sub-micrometer pixel pitch for more compact displays. In addition to consumer application, with such a high resolution, these displays can be used in maskless photolithography offering immense flexibility in fabrication." Yaser, VP of Circuit and System added, "The application of this technology is beyond displays. For example, in combination with our state-of-the-art circuit design techniques, it can be used as a very compact and high-bit-rate communication channel for inter/intra- chip, electronic devices, and data centers."

This technology surpasses the performance of DLP displays specially by offering high contrast and low power consumption but at a much more affordable price and smaller footprint (4K resolution in a few-millimeter display with no requirement for a light engine which is needed for LCOS and DLP).

"This technology can miniaturize the augmented reality (AR) devices such as head mounted displays (HMD) and heads up displays (HUD). This is essential for HMD devices, as they should be comfortable, fashionable and small to benefit from mass adoption. Due to significant demand in such display products from our partners, we plan to produce displays based on this technology in 2018," said Dr. Chaji, CEO of VueReal. He added, "These displays offer high reliability and low power consumption at higher brightness (10,000s nits) required to compete with ambient conditions for AR applications."

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