VueReal is making micro- and nanotechnology mainstream with products and platforms that enable businesses to commercialize and scale their innovations.

VueReal is creating SMALL technology to help your business take BIG strides forward.

Cartridge based MicroPrinter

Enabling the mainstream production of microLED displays

COMING SOON – By Q4 2020 VueReal’s Solid Printing™ equipment will be available for order and installation in your facility. Our REV1 proprietary printing platform in combination with our patented cartridge structure enables low cost, high yield “true printing” of microLED for different applications (Wearable, Smartphone, TVs, Auto, Tablet etc).

Find out if this will fit your application or to engage on custom design using VueReal’s facility.

Micro Device Mass Characterization (MDMC)

High throughput failure and performance analysis of microLEDs

Accepting orders for delivery in 2020 - VueReal’s proprietary solution allows characterization of microLEDs individually at the wafer, cartridge & display levels, meeting industry throughput requirements.


Powering true-life experience on displays

VueReal is currently offering display development kits for custom and niche market applications including high PPI for AR, high brightness and/or transparent for Industrial, Auto and IOT.

Learn more about display availability and roadmap.


Producing high-efficiency microLEDs

VueReal’s team will work with you to make your microLED design manufacturable and fabricate your design in our world class semiconductor facility.

Explore VueReal microLEDs.

Custom Fabrication Services

Developing fabrication process for your optoelectronic devices

VueReal’s state-of-the-art cleanroom and innovative fabrication facility and expertise enables the design and process development for custom optoelectronic devices. VueReal will work with you to make your custom design manufacturable and will develop process and fabricate your design in our world class semiconductor facility.

A new future is in Vue!

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A new future is in Vue!