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May 12, 2019 | BY David Miller

Microdisplays are ready to ship!

VueReal Inc., a leader in developing key enabling technologies for microLED displays, is pleased to announce that their patented self-aligned technology resulted in a robust and high yield microdisplay production. VueReal will start accepting orders for their product samples by June 2019.

Integrating microLEDs at high resolution is hindered by several factors including the alignment accuracy required for such applications. VueReal’s true self-aligned integration process greatly relaxes the alignment accuracy requirement without compromising microLED performance. This solution benefits from VueReal’s highly efficient microLED devices and their unique adaptive patterning technology.

“At VueReal, we are focused on developing core and practical technologies that address the main challenges associated with microLED production to scale,” says Dr. Reza Chaji, VueReal CEO. “VueReal is developing several other key components and products that will be revealed during 2019. These products are leveraging VueReal’s patented self-aligned and adaptive patterning technologies, high efficient microLEDs, smart micro device cartridge structure, as well as our high throughput microprinting equipment.”

In addition to 100,000s nit displays, VueReal’s technology can boost microdisplay resolution to an unheard of level for augmented and virtual reality applications. Dr. Ehsan Fathi, VP of Device Technology at VueReal adds that “to demo the capability of our technology, we set a team challenge to break our own world record of 6600 ppi (pixel per inch) set in 2017, and we achieved that by producing a >30,000 ppi microLED array.” Displays available through competing technologies (e.g., OLED or traditional microLED) offer either limited brightness (e.g., 1000 nit) or lower resolution (e.g.s 2500 ppi) at a much higher power consumption and lower reliability.

“VueReal has invested in an Advanced Nanotechnology Center for development and volume production and we are preparing to offer product samples to interested parties for purchase,” says Dave Miller, VueReal CFO. “Initially, we will offer samples to a group of selected parties with significant business opportunities so that we can provide world-class support. I’m positive that the market will be highly impressed with the quality of these displays when they get their hands on them!”

VueReal will showcase its microLED products and technology at Display Week in San Jose, California May 13th to 17th.

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