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May 13, 2019 | BY VueReal

Achieving the yield for high volume micro-LED production

VueReal Inc., a leader in developing key enabling technologies for microLED displays, is pleased to announce a solution capable of offering the yield necessary for high-volume production of microLED displays. This solution is based on the interplay of semiconductor device engineering, smart cartridge printing processes, inspection technologies, adaptive patterning, a novel display structure, and image processing.

Previously, low transfer yield and the need for expensive redundancy or repair solutions have been major limiting factors preventing microLED displays from being used in mainstream applications.

"During my past involvement in AMOLED TV development, I knew that the yield of large-size OLED TVs was too complex to be resolved by fabrication processes alone. Therefore, I helped develop external compensation driving schemes to relax the requirements for the fabrication process. Today, all AMOLED TVs are using those technologies," says Dr. Reza Chaji, VueReal CEO. "The microLED yield game is much more complex than that of OLED TV, and the winner has to be an interplay of several different technologies. Based on this AMOLED experience, VueReal has developed a low-cost and simplified solution that takes advantage of different technologies involved in microLED production."

"Our solution is focused on the root causes, decoupling them, and finding the best place to address them," adds Dr. Ehsan Fathi, VP of Device Technology "Some of the yield issues are easier to solve at the device level, some at the transfer stage, and some at the system level. Moreover, our unique inspection approach, Adaptive Patterning(TM), and self-aligned transfer process offer the extra boost required to achieve the necessary yield for microLED production."

Dave Miller, VueReal CFO, explains, "In addition to investing in a microprinting facility as part of our Advance Nanotechnology Center, we are highly committed to developing the tools required by our solution to create industry scale adoption."

VueReal will showcase its microLED products and technology at Display Week in San Jose, California May 13th to 18th.

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