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October 9, 2018 | BY Kristin Mueller - HR Manager

Hiring the best resulted in a truly diverse team

Last week was an exciting time for us at VueReal. It was a long application process for the SDTC grant and we were very fortunate to have been amongst the 14 companies to receive this.

The news definitely called for a team picture, it was actually our first team picture so it was a big deal. Looking at all the different articles last week and taking a glimpse at our team picture every time I read these articles, I couldn’t help but feel extremely proud to be working alongside such a talented team. One thing that I guess we hadn’t noticed until looking at the team picture is how diverse our team is. Have a look…

DSC 0874

We’ve got team members with different backgrounds, life experiences, education, religion, ethnicities, and age. The team is hands down one of the best teams I’ve worked with and I truly believe it’s the unique characteristics each of them brings to the team. It feels like we’re a family; we have each others’ backs!

It may be surprising to see that our team is almost an even split in terms of gender. I mean, we’re a start-up - we started the year with 6 team members and now we’re at 28. We’re now talking about a 36/64 split of females to males. This is interesting because while we never intentionally laid out targets for what we wanted to achieve for diversity and inclusion, we ended up with a very diverse team; all while our goal has been to hire THE. BEST.

While you see many global initiatives to create events specific to distinctive groups to help drive change or to create awareness, we decided to work it backwards. If we can create fairness in the workplace by creating fair processes, wouldn’t diversity, inclusion, and equality at VueReal take care of itself all while maintaining our goal of hiring THE. BEST?

We’re only at the beginning of this amazing journey! While driving fair and unbiased processes to hire the best team members for the job, we ended up building a diverse team!