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January 23, 2020 | BY Luc Vangrootel

Why did you join VueReal and what still excites you?

I reached out to some of our VueReal team members and asked them to think back to their first day, the butterflies they had in their stomach as they walked through the front door, and the excitement that they were going to play such an integral part as a VueReal team member. Let's be honest a lot can change after your first year.

Read what our team members think, and  Comment start reach out to us if you share their excitement!

Finance team member 

I talked to over 30 technology companies across Canada in my search for my next opportunity, and VueReal stood above all the rest. It was a combination of a crazy intelligent leader with amazingly cool technology that had the potential to disrupt not just one market but many. When you take those two things and add to it a focus on people, culture and development execution, it doesn't take long to realize the potential for VueReal!

Over a year later and all those things I discussed above, they haven't changed. Seeing a team come together to do amazing things and push this technology beyond what we even thought was possible when I joined is the most exciting.

What excites me to come to VueReal each and every day, is seeing what crazy thoughts our CEO had the night before when every common person was sleeping.

People & Culture team member 

I joined VueReal because I wanted to be part of something big and help build it from the ground up. There is no better feeling than to see something start from nothing and turn into something bigger than we could ever imagine.

I love coming in every day because I like to be challenged with something I have not been challenged with before. Every day is different, and even though I come into the office knowing what I'm going to be working on, there is always something that adds excitement and throws a curveball - that's what's exciting. Working with the unknown and learning something in the process.

Systems & Design team member

I joined VueReal because Vuereal is a leading MicroLED company with a dream of changing the world. I've worked in the display industry for more than 20 years and  I am convinced that VueReal and MicroLED is the next generation of display

I come to work every day, dreaming that I can see Vuereal's products around the world in the future and I am excited to work with all the very talented Vuereallers. 

We will make it happen.   'Small change Big difference.'

Finance team member  

I joined VueReal for two reasons: 1) opportunity to be part of a company where I could make a noticeable contribution, and 2) Being part of a company that has the potential to be one of the next big success stories to come out of KW.  

Back then, I was most excited to be able to join a company that was starting to hit the ground running and being part of the growth. Looking back at what we've accomplished in the past year is unbelievable. What excites me most now is not knowing what we'll achieve in the next few years, but knowing that this Company is capable of achieving just about anything, and the next few years are going to be huge!

Seeing the dedication, drive, and teamwork all coming together to hit our goals and continue to work with such great people excites me to go into the office every day.

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