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December 12, 2019 | BY Kristin Meuller


This week marks the one year anniversary in our space. Thinking back to this time last year, the team was sitting at lab benches, on lab chairs or yoga balls, and the space was certainly not big enough for everyone on the team. Half of our team at the time was working out of the Quantum Nano Center at the University of Waterloo which made collaborations quite tricky. Not to mention, the feeling of a united team was awkward with multiple locations. We introduced Uber for business to ease the commute between both locations, but the main problem still existed, not enough desk space for the Device Fabrication team to feel at home. 

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A big part of our workplace culture is transparency and collaboration, and with that in mind, we built an office that was just that! Our open-concept office allows for natural collision meetings with TONS of collaboration. 

Ask anyone on the team, the most fun part about building your own office space is the furniture assembly that was involved. Every day brought new excitement with deliveries from online orders - computer chairs, stand-up desks, couches, boardroom tables and chairs, lunchroom furniture. You name it - we got it! Like most start-ups, we had to be resourceful and frugal, consciously spending our money. Stretching our dollar was vital. We utilized Black Friday sales for a lot of our office furniture shopping and contacted Amazon sellers directly to get volume discounts! It was fun!

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It naturally feels like we’ve been in this space since the beginning. We’ve truly turned it into a great space for VueReal team members to call it their “second home!” Annotation 12