VueReal Blog

February 6, 2019 | BY Clare Flood, Writer

My First Two Weeks

First two weeks at VueReal? Well, here’s the gist:

Got a bag of goodies,
an access card,
a comfy chair,
and a super fancy desk;
added a plant and picture,
and now I call it mine.

Met a lot of people;
some who I remember,
(but most who I do not).
We eat lunch together:
Greek, Indian, French, Korean,
and everything in between.

We’d just moved
so there was lots to set up
and everyone pitched in.
New chairs, desks, and tables,
ping pong net, chaise lounger,
you name it, we made it.

I learned some new technologies,
tools, and processes,
and a whole new field of writing.
Edited a lot of in-flight documents
and crafted several too
because we want them perfect.

Tried all the snacks on hand,
and welcomed five new hires.
Participated in a ping pong tournament
(which was really my undoing).
Took all my health and safety training
to prepare for future fun.

Talked to some folks from my alma mater
to help share our unique story
and grow our hardworking family.
And maybe I wrote a thing or two
or fashioned some new processes
to make our office that little bit greener.

You can see there was a lot to do
and a whole lot for me to learn.
But this is just the beginning
of my new VueReal life.
I will continue to grow and develop
in this ever-evolving company.