Changing the way life is displayed

VueReal's platform is making nano-technology scalable and powering a true-life experience on any display size.

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Making micro-LED mainstream

Making micro-LED mainstream

VueReal turns the potential of micro-LED technology into a reality by enabling the true life displays needed by the next generation of smartphones, TVs, laptops, virtual/augmented reality systems, heads-up-displays, instrument panels, infotainment systems, and wearables.

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The possibilities

Sustainable products

Sustainable products

Scalable nano-technology

Scalable nano-technology

True to life entertainment

True to life entertainment

The VueReal Platform

The VueReal Platform

VueReal is developing a technology platform to print hundreds of millions of micro devices, with micrometer precision, onto system substrates of practically any size.

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    Solid Printing™

    VueReal’s proprietary printing process enables mass integration of a wide range of micro- and nano- devices.

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    Continuous Pixelation

    Unique features enable true life displays to be produced cost effectively, at a high yield.

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    Highly Efficient Micro-LED

    Uses a simple micro-LED structure with minimal processing steps to increase system reliability.

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    System Design and Verification

    State-of-the-art innovation labs for micro- and nano- characterization, and circuit and system design.

VueReal Blog

September 29, 2020 | BY Dave Miller, CFO

Achieving BIG Results Through Strong Focus on Execution

I’ve been reflecting recently on 2020 and the incredible progress we have achieved at VueReal in a very short amount of time.  Despite the challenges associated with the economic environment and keeping our team safe, which is and will continue to be our first priority, we have accelerated our development progress and achieved significant technical milestones through a strong focus on development execution, leveraging non-dilutive resources and an overall commitment to excellence in everything we do.  

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Waterloo proud

A close-knit community of innovators

VueReal is headquartered in Kitchener-Waterloo, in the heart of Canada’s technology hub, where companies are working to solve some of the world’s most pressing and important issues.

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In the news

VueReal Inc. recognized as a Best Workplace™

VueReal Inc. is being recognized as one of this year’s Best Workplaces™ in Canada. This list, and related stories, will appear in a Special National Report on Friday April 17, 2020 in The Globe and Mail.

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What it means to be a great workplace

VueReal was founded in 2016 by two OLED industry veterans and is now a world-class multidisciplinary research team covering everything from foundational research through LED production, with the business expertise to take these solutions to market.

Achieving the yield for high volume micro-LED production

VueReal Inc., a leader in developing key enabling technologies for microLED displays, is pleased to announce a solution capable of offering the yield necessary for high-volume production of microLED displays.

Microdisplays are ready to ship!

VueReal Inc., a leader in developing key enabling technologies for microLED displays, is pleased to announce that their patented self-aligned technology resulted in a robust and high yield microdisplay production.

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