Making micro-LED mainstream

Making micro-LED mainstream

VueReal turns the potential of micro-LED technology into a reality by enabling the true life displays needed by the next generation of smartphones, TVs, laptops, virtual/augmented reality systems, heads-up-displays, instrument panels, infotainment systems, and wearables.

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The VueReal Platform

The VueReal Platform

VueReal is developing a technology platform to print hundreds of millions of micro devices, with micrometer precision, onto system substrates of practically any size.

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    Solid Printing™

    VueReal’s proprietary printing process enables mass integration of a wide range of micro- and nano- devices.

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    Continuous Pixelation

    Unique features enable true life displays to be produced cost effectively, at a high yield.

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    Highly Efficient Micro-LED

    Uses a simple micro-LED structure with minimal processing steps to increase system reliability.

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    System Design and Verification

    State-of-the-art innovation labs for micro- and nano- characterization, and circuit and system design.

The Possibilities

Sustainable products

Scalable nano-technology

True to life entertainment

Waterloo proud

A close-knit community of innovators

VueReal is headquartered in Kitchener-Waterloo, in the heart of Canada’s technology hub, where companies are working to solve some of the world’s most pressing and important issues.

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